From humble beginnings..

Airbnb has been a total game changer, it has revolutionised the way we travel and the possibilities in accomodation options. Whether its a grand waterfront home in Noosa, a farm stay experience in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland to a funky loft in New York city, Airbnb has it all and everything in-between. 


As many great entrepreneurial stories begin the co-creators of Airbnb came from humble beginnings. In 2007 Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky came up with Airbnb's initial conception when they noticed that all the hotels in their immediate area had been booked out due to a popular design conference in town. They made a quick website and advertised some air beds on their floor as being available for rent for a few nights. 

From $80 for those initial air beds, now Airbnb is (reportedly) valued at over $25 billon dollars.. not bad for a couple of broke students who just needed to cover their rent that month!

So it's kind of a big deal now.. Airbnb has nearly 5 million individual accomodation listings around the world, across 31,000 cities and towns.

It has very much transformed the way people choose to travel but it's also created an incredible opportunity for budding Real Estate entrepreneurs.

Airbnb is a safe, transparent way of renting properties peer to peer. Airbnb puts money back into the hands of everyday people who own investment properties and to the local people who work to manage, clean and maintain the properties. Whilst providing varied, affordable, unique accomodation options for guests. Gone are the days of disappointing experiences staying in dirty or poorly maintained hotels, motels or guest houses. The peer to peer model is being replicated in many other ways such as Airtasker and Uber & Uber Eats and is here to stay with everyday people loving the reliability, affordability, flexibility and transparency of these platforms.