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Professional Airbnb Management in the Sunshine Coast

Are you considering listing your property on Airbnb? Considering whether to use a property manager or just host the property yourself? Here are some things to consider..

Do you actually need a property manager?

The short answer is no, you don't! There are pro's and con's to every decision so here are the reasons why I would engage the services of a professional and specialised manager.

1. Are you based nearby?

If you don't live in the Sunshine Coast then it's probably not advisable to rent the property and simply use a cleaning service. Whilst it may seem like it saves you money in fee's, it could lead to other issues. It's really important to have someone based locally who can get to the property in an emergency situation. It's also really hard to know how the property is being cared for and maintained. The benefits of having a property manager include inspection reports after each guests stay and having someone to meet them on check in means they are more likely to respect the property as opposed to treating it like a hotel.

2. Do you have property management experience?

Thinking that you can list and run the property like a business on top of all your own personal and work commitments may mean you neglect either the Airbnb or your own prior commitments. I always think that you should hire the right person for the job so that way you can do yours best! Having a professional who is committed to working solely for you and the productivity of your Airbnb property means you are more likely to have higher occupancy rates, better reviews and more quality guests. Remember, that you're only as good as your last reviews!

3. Live locally and think what you have what it takes?

Then totally go for it. If you can facilitate check ins, maintenance, organising cleaners, supplies and keeping the listing fresh and well priced, then you will save yourself money in fee's. That ultimately means more money in your pocket and thats what Airbnb investing is all about!

Happy Hosting!!

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