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Small touches to enhance a guests Airbnb experience

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

All Airbnb properties should meet a basic standard of being clean and comfortable. One of the great aspects about Airbnb is that there really is a property to cater for everybody.

Personally when I travel abroad I always mix up my stay with a blend of hotel and Airbnb properties. I love the luxuries, services and facilities that can only be found in a hotel or resort but then source Airbnb properties for a way to connect with the local culture or when I just want a place mostly just to sleep.

One of the things that sets a good Airbnb from a great Airbnb is always the small touches. What thoughtful things have the hosts made available for me to enjoy and make my stay more comfortable? It might sound frivolous but the little things can sometimes be the big things!

Here are some of my personal recommendations that you might like to think of..

1. Tea's please!

Most people will always leave the basics such as tea, coffee, milk and sugar. And that is great of course because it's more of a basic requirement anyway but what about if you just feel like a nice cup of green or peppermint tea to wind down from after a flight or a busy day? I highly recommend providing herbal teas - even if it's just one or two sachets as thats often all a guest will need. A lovely tea cup set with a few varieties will be a sure hit with tea lovers, if you're feeling really fancy then a tea pot with loose leaf would be very well received.

2. Quality Coffee

Morning's.. really-arent'-my-thing.. before coffee that is! Sometimes I think I get out of bed just for the coffee! Nothing beats the smell of a brewing, fresh batch of plunger coffee. Sachets are great but not at all the same. Coffee drinkers will have their own preferences but again, it's all about the thought. As an alternative, a Nespresso machine is also a lovely touch to a well appointed kitchen.

3. Homely furnishings

For a house to feel like a home it needs to be warm and comfy. Don't overlook the seemingly small touches like cushions, throws and rugs. These furnishings really help to set the feel for the space, they don't have to be expensive to look nice and they really do make a big difference.

4. Lighting

Table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights, the options are really endless. A few well placed lamps really sets the mood for your space and again they make a huge difference to the overall feel. Its a good idea to shop around or have a look online, I recommend for affordability and quality.

5. Quality towels and linens

Again it seems like a basic requirement but can also often be overlooked. I can assure you that no-one likes a crispy towel that was left to dry in the sun too long. Investing in good towels and sheets might be expensive but will make the difference in the long run. The best option I've found is to use a linen service. They provide fresh, soft sheets and perfectly white fluffy towels, it saves the risk of your expensive linen being soiled and damaged and ensures your guests never have a bad experience with a dirty sheet! We use a local company to provide all our towels and linens and it really is an invaluable service to our business.

Other small things which I love to provide to guests are a bottle of wine, a block of chocolate, freshly baked bread or even some fresh flowers if the budget allows.

Happy hosting!

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