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Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Thats what we're here for right? Lets make moolah people! There's so much information out there about styling and furnishing so I don't want to state the obvious again. These days it's as simple as an IKEA or Kmart make over to make your property comfy and stylish, so lets talk about "other stuff" that people might not consider right away.

I want to talk about enhancing Guest Experience. Airbnb in itself is a guest and holiday experience, so much so that they added an entire element to their business simply for Experiences (I did one in Europe it was a boat trip by a local guy who took a small group from Positano to Capri, it is my BEST and my travel companions BEST experience and memory of our entire trip, a personalised, good value experience in a captivating setting)

The point I'm trying to make it that your guests are travellers, they're holiday makers, totally immersed in the experience that they are having and its your job or our job as their host to make their experience an unforgettable one - for all-the-right-reasons!

1. Personalised check in, are they met and greeted by a friendly face? This is such an overlooked aspect by many managers, too many people have the.. Leave a key box, let hem find their way - there's a guest book there so she'll be right type of approach. Instead they should be met by a local host who lives in the area and has a great local knowledge, told about all the coolest places to check out that they might not know about, recommended some fantastic local cuisine.. did we mention Moreton Bay Bugs and Mooloolaba Prawns??

2. Rules. Yep everyone has em. Do they know not to bring sand into the property? Do they know that they need to keep it down after 9.30pm, locals don't much oblige to partying next door at an ungodly hour. Oh and please wipe down the BBQ when you're finished.. gross. Check out time that needs to be adhered to and how the property should be left when they check out.

Etc.. we don't want to bore them just make ourselves nice and clear.

3. The little touches that have a big effect. A welcome hamper; a bottle of bubbles and a block of choccy was never poorly received by anyone and it is in fact very much appreciated. A pantry with all the basics to get them started if they want to prep a light meal and likewise a couple of condiments and tools for the Barbie.

4. You can call us anytime. Got an issue? Here's our card, doesn't matter what time it is we will pick up the phone. Unless its an emergency, in that case here are those numbers.. call them first!

In conclusion what you can expect is a 5 STAR REVIEW. Woop woop. They've had an amazing stay and they loved your property, they'll probably return again or refer their friends and family. And whats more they LOOKED AFTER your property as if it was their own because they cared enough.

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