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How to boost your new Airbnb listing

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

If you're new to the Airbnb platform then congratulations on your first listing! Once you're up and running there's a few simple strategies you can implement to boost your listing. Be sure to read through my previous blog posts so you are best set up to host your first guests and then try implementing the following strategies to boost your appeal on Airbnb.

1. Competitive pricing

Airbnb has a function available to attract your first guests, they will show a special offer to the first few people who book your property. The offer is for 20% and only for a limited time. It is an effective way to get people to book a new property that doesnt have any reviews from previous guests. It's a bit of a gamble from the guests point of you, but the incentive of a 20% discount is very appealing. You will earn less from these first few bookings but you will gain the all important reviews you need to attract future guests.

2. Five star reviews

I have a much more detailed post on this so please have a read as it will really help to ensure you do receive 5 stars from each guest. All reviews are crucial but your first few are the most important because they are going to establish your star rating on Airbnb. I cannot emphasis enough how important these are because they will be the deciding factor between a guest choosing to stay at your property, over someone else's. Key points here are to over deliver on service, be available to your guests, be professional, be helpful and knowledgeable, make sure they understand no request is too small or silly and go out of your way to make them welcome.

3. Let them know this is your first listing

Majority of guests are very understanding and supportive of new hosts. So be honest and let them know that this is your first time hosting and you want to make sure they have a wonderful stay. Double check they have all that they need, know about all the local attractions, modes of transport and that your guest book is informative and up to date with relevant information.

4. Welcome hamper

A welcome gift is the perfect way to show that you have thought of your guests and that you want them to be comfortable. A small gift with all the little essentials that they might need such as coffee, tea, sugar, milk etc. Why not add in a bottle of wine and a block of chocolate? Small touches like that are not expected but are certainly well appreciated.

5. Prompt for a review

After departure be sure to send a thank you message and ensure they had a great stay. Was there anything you could of improved on to make their stay better? Let them know you'll be leaving them a 5 star review and hope to host them again in the future!

Happy hosting!!

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