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Do you need an Airbnb manager?

A lot of people question whether they really do even need a professional Airbnb Management service when they could probably just do it themselves.

There are now a lot of automated platforms which allow Airbnb property owners to self-market and self-manage their property or properties. In our opinion the decision should be based on two things; Do you have the time to be managing the property correctly and does it bring you enjoyment being responsible for the property all the time?

A lot of property owners who list on the platform probably underestimate the amount of work that goes into managing an Airbnb property. A typical day for an Airbnb manager includes marketing the property and making sure the listing is relevant and well-priced for the season, replying to guest enquiries professionally and in a timely fashion, greeting guests into the properties when they begin their stays, buying and building guest hampers or welcome packs, completing inspection reports when the guests leave to make sure there were no damages caused during the stay, replacing the property inventory of amenities and essential items, managing the cleaning team and making sure the cleans are completed to the highest possible standard, making sure the linens are fresh, of a hotel standard and replaced accordingly, and then a great property manager will assess how your investment is performing and compile a monthly or quarterly report so you can keep track of earnings.

Now I guess anyone really could do that but whether you truly have the time to do all of the above on top of your normal day to day job and life is another matter, especially if it involves a busy career, children and home to juggle. Second to that but possibly more importantly is whether or not you actually enjoy it! Everyone has their niche in life and for us at The Property Hosts, we really have found it in a combination of ways! We absolutely love seeing our clients climb the Real Estate ladder when they purchase a property that performs well on the short-term market, seeing our clients build equity quickly and put more money back into their pockets or into their mortgages, we love seeing our guests walking into a sparkling clean and well appointed property and then hearing throughout and after their stay just how wonderful their experience was. It's the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped a property owner on their road to financial freedom through smart property investment and that our Airbnb guests have had their dream holiday.

That is why we do what we do because we genuinely love it, we understand it and it is our passion.

We are investors, for investors and our success is in your success (literally otherwise we don't get paid...insert laughing emoji face)

Happy hosting everyone!

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